Mixtape #13 (Save it)

Flash and the Pan - California
Brian Bennett - Chain Reaction
Bill Conti - Reflections
Steely Dan - Babylon Sisters
John Martyn - Some People Are Crazy
JJ Cale - A Thing Going On
Walter Murphy - Afternoon of a Faun
JJ Cale - Slower, Baby
Mark-Almond - The City
John Martyn - Call Me Crazy

Atticus Ross - Silhouette
Atticus Ross & The Beach Boys - The Bed Montage
The Beach Boys - All This is That
The Beach Boys - Let's Go Away For a While
Atticus Ross - I'm Right Here
Chromatics - The Eleventh Hour
Wild Beasts - A Simple Beautiful Truth (Djrum Remix)
Doc Daneeka & Abigail Wyles - Tobyjug

Auvidis - Generique de Debut
Auvidis - Musique et Transatlantique
Klaus Schønning - Ocean Waves
Seahawks - Into Night
Mark Barrott - Island Life
Wally Badarou - Keys
Smith & Mudd - Hvala (Version Idjut)
Mind Over MIDI - Moon Shadows
Palmbomen II - Teena Mulder
Auvidis - Musique et Ecriture D'une Lettre
Oneothrix Point Never - Inside World
Hizou - Four Hands

Mixtape #10

Trevor Bastow & Patrick Wilson - Origin

Gaston Borreani - Ballade Sous La Mer
Christian Poulet & Jean Yves Rigo - Crystal Star
Gaston Borreani - Alpha Song
Alfaluna - I Satelliti
Eugen Thomass - Gewitterstimmung (Tempest Mood)
Eugen Thomass - Frühling (Springtime)
Benoit Hutin & Joachim Sherylee - Flower Bed
Harry Forbes - Remote Control
Patrick Wilson - User Friendly
Joël Vandroogenbroeck - Dead End
Joël Vandroogenbroeck - Computerized
Joël Vandroogenbroeck - Data Revolution
Patrick Wilson - Quick Progress
Patrick Wilson - Smooth Progress
Kerry Beaumont - Control System
Joël Vandroogenbroeck - Sailing Imagination
Trevor Bastow & Patrick Wilson - Corporate Image
Joachim Sherylee - Trajectoire Insolite
Christian Poulet & Jean Yves Rigo - Back To Earth
Christian Poulet & Jean Yves Rigo - Observer
Christian Poulet & Jean Yves Rigo - From Zero To Infinity
Nuno Canavarro - #15 Untitled

Adventure Time - The Music Way Out There
Solar Bears - Stasis
Dwight Mikkelsen - Dream Images
Alfaluna - Rampa di Lancio
Alan Hawkshaw - Terrestrial Journey
Pulse Emitter - Border Crossing
Noveller - Concrete Dreams
Ecologia (Cinevox) - Calde Occhiate
Alfred Newman - God Has Been Good
Porcelain Raft - Giove
Aphrodite's Child - Loud, Loud, Loud
Gérard Gesina - Strange Paradise
Edgar Frose - Das Verbotene Speil
Bruton Music (Soft Illusions) - Dreamland
John Keltonik - Bring In The Night
There Is No Dark Side Of The Moon 

Mixtape #8

Oneothrix Point Never - Along

My Girl & Me - Always Back To Me
Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald - Afterlude
Jeff Mills - Centerless
Oxia - Exaila
Oneothrix Point Never - Cryo
Laurel Halo - Dr. Echt
Lucrecia Dalt - Escopolamina
R. Bocquet - Exotique
Visit Venus - Kinski Disko Fox Machine
Lucrecia Dalt - Do I Dare Disturb Your Dreams
PLVS VLTRA - Good Night
Valentin Stip - Temple
Will Epstein - Trust I
Brian Eno - Lux (Nicolas Jaar Remix)
Osborne - Oyasumi
Linda Perhacs - Prisms of Glass
Solar Bears - Stasis
Portopia '81 - Sunrise
Solar Bears - You And Me (Subterranean Cycles)
Lawrence - The Opening Scene
Laurel Halo - -Out

Baraka - Sower of Seeds
Zdeněk Liška - The Song Of The Siren
Todd Rundgren - There Are No Words
Magic Fades + Soul Ipsum - Juicy Torque
Lone - Stands Tidal Waves
Brian Bennett - Voyage
Brian Bennett - Earthborn
The Advisory Circle - Innocence Elsewhere
Broadcast - Teresa's Song (Sorrow)
Trevor Duncan - The Girl: Prologue
Trevor Duncan - The Girl: Theme
Christopher Slaski - Love Theme
The Advisory Circle - Unforgotten Path
Max Richter - H Thinks A Journey
Superpitcher - Moon Fever

Mixtape #6

Skalpel - Sculpture
Forss - City Ports
Nicolas Jaar - Être
United Future Organization - The Moving Shadows
Thom Yorke - Nose Grows Some
Nina Simone - Something to Live For
Duke Ellington & His Orchestra - Low Key Light
Forss - Atomised
Portishead - Theme From "To Kill a Dead Man"
Massive Attack & Burial - Paradise Circus
Nina Simone - Solitude
Marc Almond - Night & Dark
Forss - Lost Through Inversion
Dakim - Typeofblue
Seelenluft - L.A. Woman (Tipsy Remix)
The Cinematic Orchestra - And Relax!
Nina Simone - Just Say I Love Him